Tips on Buying a Used Car Online From a Private Owner

Everyone is doing it. They simply don’t want to spend their hard earned money on car payments anymore. It is hard to come by nowadays. The economy sucks. It is time to cut back. The solution: buying used cars. The easiest way to do it: Online. The cheapest: From a private individual.Buying used cars online has become the choice for most buyers out there. It allows you to search hundreds of listings from the comfort of home, compare prices, email or call sellers and negotiate deals before even seeing the vehicle in person. The convenience and effectiveness of this method has many people overlooking the dangers also involved, and although buying used cars online is one of the best way to purchase a used vehicle, here are some tips you should know before you make your decision:*Ask the seller why they are selling the vehicle: You don’t want one person’s nightmare to become yours. Always make sure the seller discloses the reason they don’t want their used car any longer.*Have the seller disclose all the issues he knows of before you go see the car: They will usually forget to mention a few, but at least you will have a better idea of what you are dealing with.*Make sure the seller is negotiable on the price: Used Car Prices always need to be negotiated, only settle for a firm price if is incredibly good.*Don’t travel far: Gas is expensive. Don’t go too far thinking a vehicle is going to be everything you thought it was. Unless it’s a too good to be true deal (and even those are usually “too good to be true”) don’t take the risk, most of the time it will not be worth it. Stay local, you will find your used car no problem without having to invest much.*Make sure you see detailed pictures before you go see the car: Some sellers will post a car for sale online and not show any pictures of it. It could be that some of them are not that technically inclined and can’t figure out how to use a digital camera or how to upload a picture on a website. But for the most part the seller that doesn’t post pictures of their vehicle on their online ad is trying to hide something. If you are still interested in the vehicle, email or call the seller and ask him to send you some pictures. If he refuses, move on.*Ask for the VIN number of the used vehicle and run a Carfax report: Buying a used car is somewhat of a gamble. Increase your odds of winning by knowing the vehicles history and how it has been taken care of. This will increase the chances of you making a great investment.*Make sure the title is under the seller’s name: Don’t take the risk. Ask for their ID and confirm that they are indeed the owner of the vehicle. If they are selling it for a family member or a friend, ask to see verification of identification. If they refuse, run.*Make sure the title is filled out properly: You don’t want any issues with the DMV, and trust me, they will find anything to give you one. Make sure the title is completely and correctly filled out and signed by both parties. Do not leave anything blank or you might regret it later when you can’t find the seller again to correct it.*Have a professional looking Bill of Sale signed by both parties: Make sure the agreement is on paper and signed. If they offer you any warranties disclose it on the agreement. Sometimes the DMV will ask for one, it is better to already have it and not waste time trying to track the seller down again.*Check the vehicle thoroughly before making a decision: If something rattles or just sounds off, don’t take it for granted just because the wheels are nice. If you are not a mechanic, I recommend you bring one with you or at least someone that has some car knowledge. Once you buy the used car, there is no going back, make sure you protected yourself the best you could.*Make a reasonable offer and negotiate the price: Negotiation is a big part of buying a used car from a private owner, be reasonable and try to end up with a deal that is fair for both parties. Always watch your back though; the other party might not want to be as reasonable or understanding. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of.If you follow these tips thoroughly when buying a used car online it is very likely that you will end up with the vehicle you are looking for at the right price, and you would have made the process easy and effective.